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The Lancet Microbe

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Publisher Elsevier Ltd.
Open Access YES
Quartile Q1
Citation Count 2663
E-ISSN 2666-5247
Categories Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Microbiology (medical), Virology
Area Microbiology, Infectious Diseases
Region Western Europe
Country United Kingdom

The Lancet Microbe publishes research on clinically relevant microbes at all scales?from the nature of the microbe (eg, antimicrobial resistance genes/plasmids, virulence factors) to the microbiome, to pathology (including immunology) to population level effects (eg, outbreaks, epidemiology). Furthermore, it includes early phase clinical trials and other interventional studies where the outcomes are focused on the pathogen.

The Lancet Microbe provides a destination for the best microbiology-focused clinical research. This research is handled in the rigorous manner expected of any journal within the Lancet family. Also in keeping with the Lancet ethos, The Lancet Microbe is a strong advocate for and collaborator with the microbial research community.


  1. The Lancet Microbe is published by Elsevier Ltd.
  2. It is an oppen access journal
  3. The Subject Area : Microbiology, Infectious Diseases

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