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Natural Hazards Research

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E-ISSN 2666-5921
Area Environmental Science (General), Earth-Surface Processes

Natural hazards can have catastrophic impacts. Natural Hazards Research promotes communication between the various fields that have an interest in natural disasters and catastrophic events, with the goal of raising awareness and improving detection and response.

The journal covers multiple disciplines in natural and social sciences, emphasizing new theories, techniques, methods and case studies. It also promotes the integration and interaction of multiple scientific disciplines, including geology, geophysics, geochemistry, petrology, geodesy and instrumentation.

The journal welcomes submissions exploring all kinds of hazards: geological, atmospheric, climatological, meteorological, oceanographic, hydrological, and ecological. Papers on space weather and space radiation are also welcome. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:
The mechanisms and nature of related hazards
Disaster detection, monitoring, and early warning
Geospace observation for natural hazards
Disaster vulnerability, hazard, and risk assessment and management
Prevention and prediction of disasters
High-teches for disaster mitigation and reduction
Natural Hazards and human society


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Environmental Science (General), Earth-Surface Processes

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