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Nano Trends

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E-ISSN 2666-9781
Area Nanotechnology

Nano Trends is a multidisciplinary premium open access journal featuring fundamental and applied research in the broad field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, covering topics from synthesis and manufacturing, to device and system engineering, to innovative applications. The journal welcomes rapid communications, comprehensive research articles, and forward looking reviews.

Nano Trends serves as a highly visible publication platform with a rigorous and rapid review and decision-making process to provide all readers equal access to high quality papers about the latest recent research advances in (but not limited to) the following topics:
Nanomaterials synthesis and assembly
Science and techniques for scalable nanostructure manufacturing
Methodologies and data science for nanoscale characterization and property prediction
Innovations in nanodevice fabrication and engineering
Nanomaterials and nanodevices for energy harvesting and storage
Semiconducting and quantum materials and devices
Electronic, optical and magnetic nanomaterials and systems
Biomimetic nanomaterials and nano systems
Sustainable nanomaterials and environmental impacts
Nano systems for medication, medical devices, and biological applications.

The journal welcomes proposals for special issues. Please contact the editor directly if you wish to make a proposal.


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Nanotechnology

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Latest Articles published

Last updated: 13/07/2024

Development of high sensitivity composite sensors for proprioceptive applications

Last updated: 27/06/2024

Advances in piezoelectric nanogenerators for self-powered cardiac care

Last updated: 24/06/2024

Nanowires in composite solid-state electrolytes: synthesis, structures and applications

Last updated: 22/06/2024

Antitumor potential of lipid nanoformulations with natural antioxidants

Last updated: 17/06/2024

A scalable top-gate graphene field effect transistor with a polydimethylsiloxane dielectric

Last updated: 17/06/2024

Semiconductor organic photocatalysis at the nanoscale

Last updated: 17/06/2024

Micro-reinforced polymer composite materials studied by correlative X-ray imaging

Last updated: 17/06/2024

Electrochemical studies on chromium doped SrTiO3 for supercapacitor applications

Last updated: 17/06/2024

Graphene Oxide/Melamine/Ionic liquid membranes for selective CO2 separation

Last updated: 17/06/2024

The potential of organic piezoelectric materials for next-generation implantable biomedical devices