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Multimodal Transportation

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E-ISSN 2772-5863
Area Geography, Planning and Development, Transportation, Decision Sciences (General)

MULTRA provides a forum for high quality, cutting-edge research in transportation science and technology. MULTRA covers all modes - road, rail, air, maritime - and the integration of multimodal transport. Papers concerning multimodal integration or emerging transportation technologies are particularly welcome, as is work focusing on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Transportation, or Big Data, as applied to transport planning, network modelling or traffic safety. MULTRA is an interdisciplinary journal and embraces work from a wide range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, transportation, logistics, economics, operations research, and urban planning.

MULTRA publishes papers in two categories:
Theory and Methodology: Papers in this category employ mathematical modeling, optimization theory, etc., to develop new concepts and technologies, rather than the refinement of established theories.
Empirical Research: Papers in this category can either employ quantitative techniques from statistics, AI, machine learning etc., or qualitative research methods such as one-on-one interviews, focus groups, case study research etc., to obtain new insights into specific aspects of transportation science.

Regardless of the category, MULTRA papers are expected to clearly articulate their expected impact on the practice of transportation science.


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Geography, Planning and Development, Transportation, Decision Sciences (General)

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Latest Articles published

Last updated: 13/05/2024

A joint travel mode and departure time choice model in dynamic multimodal transportation networks based on deep reinforcement learning

Last updated: 25/04/2024

LNG bunkering infrastructure planning at port

Last updated: 06/04/2024

Integrating connected autonomous shuttle buses as an alternative for public transport – A simulation-based study

Last updated: 28/03/2024

Passengers' requests clustering with k-prototype algorithm for the first-mile and last-mile (FMLM) shared-ride taxi service

Last updated: 28/03/2024

Exploring modal shift in non-active sustainable transport modes during the first wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Last updated: 19/03/2024

Exploring the correlation between hard-braking events and traffic crashes in regional transportation networks: A geospatial perspective

Last updated: 10/03/2024

Taxi in competition with online car-hailing drivers: Policy implication to operating strategies

Last updated: 03/03/2024

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Last updated: 03/03/2024

Node location of bi-level urban metro-based ground-underground logistics distribution

Last updated: 03/03/2024

Investigating factors influencing pedestrian crosswalk usage behavior in Dhaka city using supervised machine learning techniques