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Memories - Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems

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E-ISSN 2773-0646
Area Hardware and Architecture, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computational Mechanics, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials


Memories- Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems is an open access journal of related scientific research and technology development and publishes regular research articles, review articles, surveys and short notes such as case studies, methodologies, brief communications, and letter to editor. Our aim is to encourage researchers to publish their original experimental and theoretical results with emphasis on novel materials, modeling, design, performance and reliability of both volatile and non-volatile memory devices; and modelling and/or implementation of related circuits and systems. This journal will cater to the needs of researchers engaged in both academia and industry for developing emerging memory devices, circuits and systems.


The scope of "Memories- Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems" includes but is not limited to the following:

Memory devices and technologies:
Volatile memories such as static and dynamic random-access memories.
Flash memory
Spintronics based memories
Domain wall and skyrmions based memory
Resistive random-access memory (ReRAM or RRAM)
Phase Change Memory (PCM)
Conductive bridging random-access memory (CBRAM)
Ferro-electric random-access memory (FeRAM)
Metal Oxide Resistive Memory (OxRAM)
Optoelectronic memories
Photonics based memories
Organic memory devices
Three-dimensional integrated memory
Modelling and numerical analysis
Device characterization and fabrication
Scalability, integration and nano-structuring of memory devices
Reliability analysis of emerging memory devices
Emerging conventional and unconventional memories

Novel and emerging materials for state-of-the-art memory devices
Material characterization, integration, growth and processing, including both physical and chemical methods
Advanced material engineering and processing for novel applications

Circuits and systems:
New algorithms or architectures for supporting high-performance memory systems
System-on-chip design and verification methodologies based on novel memory devices
High frequency applications
Nano oscillators
Emerging memories for conventional and unconventional computing architectures
Memcomputing and Ising machine
Probabilistic and stochastic computing
Artificially Intelligent (AI) modeling, architecture, circuit and systems
Computing using waves and complex systems
In-memory computing
Quantum computing
Neuromorphic computing
Memories for emerging circuits and systems


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Hardware and Architecture, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computational Mechanics, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

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