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Measurement: Food

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Open Access YES
E-ISSN 2772-2759
Area Food Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Health, Computer Science (General)

Measurement: Food is an open access journal open to original, high-quality contributions from all relevant fields of this highly topical and multi-disciplinary subject.

Measurement: Food is a companion journal to Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO).

The journal encourages the submission of manuscripts that provide novel insights and papers reporting significant advances in the field. Studies focusing on food and nutrition measurements by introducing metrological concepts, but also methodological studies to ensure assessment of valid dietary data, are invited. All submitted manuscripts must point out the appropriate indicators of performance or metrics necessary to evaluate the results of investigation. The journal warmly welcomes global submissions - from developed and less developed settings. Topics include, but are not limited, to:
Studies investigating (markers for) food labelling, food reformulation and food authenticity, food traceability;
Studies investigating characterizations and sustainability of food production and systems;
Novel measurement techniques, instrumentation, and test procedures in food processing;
Intelligent, smart, and cognitive monitoring techniques for food crops;
Studies on food safety - including water safety - and food quality related to food and nutrition security;
Studies on measurements of inorganic and isotopic composition, of organic contaminants and toxins as well as microbiological contaminations;
Methodological studies on organoleptic properties (flavour, taste, sight, and touch) and on sensory perception in the development of taste and taste preference, in association with food choice and dietary intake;
Methodological studies, such as validation studies, biomarker studies (e.g. transcriptomics and metabolomics), pilot studies, and studies on diet quality indices/scores used in research studies (epidemiological studies, clinical trials and surveillance initiatives);
Dietary assessment using e-health and m-health applications;


diet; dietary recommendation; dietary intake; dietary behavior; dietary patterns; dietary management; dietary assessment methodologies; harmonization; standardization; accreditation; certification; misreporting; measurement metrics such as uncertainty; taste; taste preference, food flavour; instruments; tools; calibration; diet quality indices; diet quality scores; dietary monitoring; surveillance; nutritional epidemiological; clinical trials; computer-based technologies; web-based technologies; e-health applications; m-health applications; health outcomes; biomarkers of nutritional status; biomarker of exposure; OMICs; intake estimates; 24-h dietary recall; food frequency questionnaire; dietary record; dietary history; dublicate diet samples; food consumption records; food code; portion-size estimation; food choice; food safety; water safety; food quality; food integrity; food supply chain; food fraud; food and nutrition security; sustainability; food policies; food reformulation; food processing; food production; food composition; food packaging; food labelling; food environment; regulations; contaminants; natural toxins; microbiological contaminations; food allergies; food intolerances; traceability chain; trace elements; isotopic composition; dietary supplements; sustainability; food production; food systems; Lab-on chip; System-on chip;

Article Types

Measurement: Food publishes the following types of papers, all of which are fully peer reviewed:

Regular Articles which should describe original research of high quality in the field of food and nutrition.
Review Articles which will generally be specially commissioned; however, suggestions for topics and authors are welcomed by the Editor-in-Chief.
Technical Notes which are short contributions and provide rapid publication of important new contributions.
Short Communications which take the form of short, self-contained articles highlighting ongoing research, or reporting interesting - possibly tentative - ideas, or comments on previously published research.
Special Issue Conference Articles which represent novel work arising from topical meetings and symposia.


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Food Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Health, Computer Science (General)

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