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Hygiene and Environmental Health Advances

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Open Access YES
E-ISSN 2666-6596
Area Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction

Hygiene and Environmental Health Advances is an international multi-disciplinary journal publishing high quality peer-reviewed original research, reviews and commentaries within the broad field of 'Environmental Health Sciences'. Coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following research topics: Exposure assessment of chemical pollutants and physical environment (climate change, green space, night light etc) and their impacts on human health Environmental risk assessment Air, soil, water and biota pollutants and health Human monitoring and human exposome Biomarkers Environmental epidemiology Environmental toxicology Impacts of human behavior on the risk of human exposed to biological, chemical, and physical environment Sanitation and clean water Waste treatment and health Quality criteria for environmental pollutants, especially for the emerging chemicals Public health aspects of exposure-related outcomes


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction
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Articles published in Journal : Hygiene and Environmental Health Advances

Last updated: 12/09/2023

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Last updated: 12/09/2023

Responsible innovation and societal challenges: The multi-scalarity dilemma

Last updated: 12/09/2023

The presence of Responsible Research and Innovation in the perspectives of Dutch policy officers regarding innovation with quantum technology

Last updated: 12/09/2023

Responsibility of/in digital transformation

Last updated: 12/09/2023

Assessing responsible innovation training

Last updated: 09/22/2023

Developing capabilities for responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Last updated: 09/22/2023

Civic Blockchain: Making blockchains accessible for social collaborative economies

Last updated: 09/22/2023

Review on Digital Lethargy: Dispatches from an age of disconnection. Tung-Hui Hu (2022). Massachusetts, USA. MIT Press

Last updated: 09/22/2023

Navigating the labyrinth of RI through a practical application — A case study in a cross-disciplinary research project

Last updated: 06/12/2023

Sustainable development goals as accountability mechanism? A case study of Dutch infrastructure agencies

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