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Environmental Advances

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Open Access YES
E-ISSN 2667-2782
Area Global and Planetary Change, Public Health and Health Policy

Environmental Advances is an international and fully Open Access journal supporting the rapid publication of peer-reviewed original research articles, short communications and review papers dealing with all aspects of the environmental sciences. Our vision is to ensure maximum accessibility and appeal to a diverse readership in the environmental sciences and beyond. Field studies have a preference, while papers describing laboratory experiments must demonstrate advances in methodology or mechanistic understanding with a clear connection to the environment. The broad scope of Environmental Advances will include, but not be limited to, contributions addressing one or more of the following topics:
Environmental chemistry
Environmental epidemiology
Environmental fate and transport
Environmental health
Environmental impact and risk assessment
Environmental mitigation and remediation
Environmental modelling
Environmental technology
Environmental toxicology
Global warming
Green chemistry
Health impact assessments
Life cycle assessment
Marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems
Pollution (air, biota, soil, noise, light, water) control and monitoring
Solid waste management and treatment
Sustainable management of the environment
Waste valorization
Water resources
Water treatment
Please note: in addition to submissions suggested for transfer by one of the journal's partner publications, Environmental Advances now also welcomes direct submissions.


  1. It is an oppen access journal
  2. The Subject Area : Global and Planetary Change, Public Health and Health Policy

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